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Throughout the year we offer numerous wonderful events which embody 19th century traditions. Many of our events happen annually, while others are new each season! Not only do we offer historic events but we also play host to several 3rd party events each year as well.

Events are always being added to this list so check back here and on our Facebook page (link at top of page labeled "f") for the most current information!

Civil War Encampment- Lauri Beckerman (1
  • Events for 2024

  • April 5th – OPENING DAY!!!

  • April 27th. Cowboy Mounted Shooting Show.

  • May 18th-19th WWII Encampment

  • June 1st – 2nd Revolutionary War Encampment Weekend

  • May 25th-26th Decoration Day

  • June15-16th Marching through History

  • June 29th. Cowboy Mounted Shooting Show.

  • July 6th & 7th 1864 Independence Day Celebration

  • July 20th – rain date 21st Grand Army of the Republic Encampment/ Picnic

  • August 3rd-4th Olde Time Baseball Tournament

  • August 17th -18th Olde Time Music Weekend

  • September 13-15th Long Island Fair

  • October 26th-27th 1880’s Haunted Halloween

  • Nov. 2nd - 3rd Village Election Event

  • Nov. 30th-Dec 1st, 1863 Thanksgiving Celebration.  

  • December 1st.   Our last weekend open to the public.

  • Dec. 7th – 8th St. Nicolas Day

  • Dec. 20th – 23rd & Dec. 26th –29th Candlelight Evenings


4th of July - Lauri Beckerman (10).jpg

Library passes are NOT valid for any and all of the above mentioned Events and dates.

*Ticket prices are subject to change for the special events listed above*

*3rd party events are labeled with a an asterisk.*

The Long Island Fair is an annual festival put on in conjunction with the Agricultural Society of Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties. For dates and more information please click on the link below to visit their website:


*Please note that all events and programs are subject to changes and cancellation at any time. Additionally, some events, particularly 3rd party vendor events, do incur an additional fee, and may not include the museum's village.*

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