Map And Rules

Although you'll be traveling back to the past during your visit, there are some 21st century rules to bear in mind:

  • Animals are unpredictable. Please do not touch or feed the livestock or any wild animals.

  • Our buildings are original and fragile. Strollers may be used on the Village roads, but not in historic buildings.

  • Smoking, and the consuming of alcohol is not permitted on museum property (Alcohol is only allowed with legal permit between the party and the County of Nassau).

  • Pets are not permitted at the museum. Service animals are the only exception to this.

  • Please keep off of fences, walls, trees, etc, and stay on paths. Avoid ticks in the tall grass.

  • Watch your step during your visit, village roads and floors within the historic buildings are like that of the 19th century.

  • Wildflowers, crops, and any other plant life, are for all to enjoy. Please do not pick.

  • Costumes are not allowed by anyone over the age of 12.

  • *Mask Policy: Masks are required when inside of and approaching any open buildings on the museum grounds. Additionally, masks are required when unable to maintain safe physical distance from staff, volunteers, and other visitors.*