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Our 19th century programming is what brings history to life! Our talented musicians and dancers set the antebellum atmosphere, and our craft classes and children's toys and games enable visitors to experience the 19th century first-hand!

We even host Old Time Base Ball games on weekends throughout the Summer and Fall months as well a Mounted Cowboy Shooting Shows in the Village's Fairgrounds.

(tentative schedules below)


One of our staples is our Junior Apprentice Program! During this week-long summer camp, children ages 9-12 can participate in numerous 19th century activities including baking, cooking, games, farm work, and frivolity. This program takes place Monday-Friday between 10am and 2pm. For reservations, dates, pricing and further information, please call 516-572-8408!


The Junior Apprentice Program returns this Summer of 2022! Sign your child (aged 9-12) up for one of the weeks today! To sign your child up click on the button to the right and follow the link to the google form!

Old Time Base Ball Schedule

2022 Dates

Sunday, July 10 (12:00 pm)

Sunday, July 31 (12:00 pm)

August 6 & 7: Doc Adams Baseball Festival

Sunday, August 14 (12:00 pm)

Sunday, August 28 (12:00 pm)

Sunday, September 4 (12:00 pm)

Sunday, September 11 (12:00 pm)

Mounted Cowboy Shooting Show 

2022 Dates

Sunday, July 10

Sunday, August 14

*Please note that all programs and events are subject to changes and cancellation at any time. Not all programming occurs every day, please call 516-572-8409 on the day of your expected visit for further information.*

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