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History Alive:




Our History

In the late 1950's and early 1960's there was an idea to preserve Long Island's architectural and rural history of the 18th and 19th centuries. With this in mind, the County of Nassau purchased 209 acres of property in Old Bethpage, New York  in 1963, and began setting the ground-work for what would become Long Island's Living History Museum. 


Old Bethpage Village Restoration (OBVR) opened with numerous historic homes, wonderful exhibits, the finest interpreters and tradespeople, farm animals, and interactive activities and demonstrations on June 27, 1970! Since June of that year, OBVR has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the World, and continues to be Long Island's most attended museum!


Our Present & Future

Over the years, Old Bethpage Village Restoration has seen many different programs, interpretive staff and volunteers, and demonstrations. We have also added more and more historic homes and buildings over the years. Currently, our collection boasts 18 historic buildings and over 50 other structures including barns, sheds, outhouses, and a thimble factory. Not to mention our thousands of artifacts from the period!

While much has changed since 1970, and will continue to change, several things will always remain: our desires to spread and expand our knowledge to others and to educate the masses, and to showcase 18th and 19th century life as it was. This is at the forefront of our goals. We take pride in our heritage and it is our mission to leave our visitors with knowledge, and new appreciations for this period in history and how it opened the doors leading to our present and future! 

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